Sorry it has been a while since I have posted a blog for y'all. It has been a crazy last few months. 

We have been getting organized for the NFR Rodeo in Las Vegas. My Husband Tyson Durfey has qualified for his 10th NFR which is super exciting & Shea Baby Boots are going to be in Vegas with three of our favorite stores: Teskey's, NRS & Archundi. So between packing for the Rodeo & getting 1000 pair of baby boots ready to send out to Vegas we have been non stop. Not to mention having to get matching outfits for myself and Daughter Praise organized for the Rodeo lol.

I am excited to launch our new styles of baby boots over the next few weeks for 2018. I know you have seen the Sophie, Ruby & Pecos boots we recently release but we have a few new boy designs ready to release. I am so excited to see your little ones in these new styles.

I want to personally thank every customer who has bought a pair of Shea Baby boots over the last 8 months since we launched our company. Without the support of y'all we wouldn't be able to continue to grown and create more fun styles. So thank you! If there is every anything I can do to make the boots better for your babies please send me a message. I want this company to be about "US" as a team you & I.

If you don't already follow our Instagram or Facebook please join us on social media as I do a lot of boot giveaways and I don't want you to miss out.

I have also had a lot of customers ask me about bigger sizes in the boots. I am working on this for y'all but don't want to release these bigger sizes until I feel like they are perfect and going to be the best boot for your toddlers foot. 

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones and that your Christmas is just as great.

Here are a few pics of my family over the last months. 

Shea XO





Shea Fisher- Durfey